Friday, 25 January 2008

Smugglers dodge sniffer dogs and risk $1,000 fine for a Burns Night haggis

The above headline caught my eye when surfing for a suitable Burns quote for today and I read on. Apparently loads of otherwise law abiding Americans and Scots alike are smuggling their Burns night treat in through US customs either in person or by post (one lady who received her haggis by the latter method said "It looks great, but it stinks a bit."...hmmmm one way to spend the end of January losing a wee bit of that extra Christmas weight as food poisoning tightens its grip on your bowels methinks). The US spokeswoman for the Customs and Border Protection, a Ms Byrd was obviously not of Scottish descent as she firmly stated "One thing I am absolutely sure about is that our officers don’t eat them." Well, they certainly would be wise not to eat the one previously mentioned. No such worries here as ours is fresh and ready to eat tonight with a large side order of Neeps and Tatties and a small(ish) side order of Whisky.
Other news is the success of the Curry and Quiz night (I can hear the relief oozing from you at that exciting newsflash) last night with £287 raised for the High School PTA. I was dispatched round The George to bully all the poor unfortunates in the bar having a quiet meal into buying raffle tickets and nearly got myself into more trouble than I had intended by approaching a group of happy gentlemen drinkers and brightly asking "Can I interest you in a pound a strip" I shall leave the story there but I did leave the table with £25!.

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