Saturday, 19 January 2008

Dancing on Ice?

Not quite but a fast and furious game of Tag on Ice with none of the elegance of the above.
The Venue:- Drymsignie Leisure Centre, Lochgoilhead
The Reason:- Toby’s (very) belated birthday celebrations
The Time:- This morning
Participants:- Toby, Freya, Rosie, Ross and Scott Henderson (Pals of T’s) and me.

This rink is the smallest I have ever seen and rectangular instead of round. We practised for a while with varying amounts of success, Ross and Scott have never skated before but during Tag (after we had frightened the other users away) what they lacked in grace and the ability to stand upright for more than twenty seconds at a time they made up for with “speed rolling”. This is when a skater is advancing to tag you, you fall and roll and squirm away as fast as possible…effective but cold! As the fastest and neatest skater I was confident of not being caught but as I was also the most wussy one, scared of falling the two balanced out as the other four taggers took turns at recklessly launching themselves in my direction. Great fun.

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