Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Every Grey Day has a bright spot somewhere.

No lasting damage from yesterday only an annoying sense of humiliation coupled with a determination to do better next time…Managed a run with Lizzie this am accompanied by Ginny for the first proper time. It went quite well from the point of view of increased forward propulsion for me on the first 2 ½ laps as I was towed along by a small and very determined puppy. The next 1 ½ laps were a bit more under control apart from when Lucy turned round ahead of us, stepped out into the road and almost lost her nose to a passing van. Then coffee and a chat at Lyndsay’s house, an hour and a half later I left clutching skis, poles, cool specs with hooky ear things, silk leggings and a great hat (there may even be a photo of the latter at some point…if we ever feel safe enough to take the camera out!). This cheered me up no end and even rendered the by now steadily falling rain more acceptable for at least an hour. I will draw a veil over the rest of the day and spare you the details of my house cleaning.

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