Thursday, 17 January 2008

A day (? Date) to remember

Today is the birth date of Al Capone Italy, gangster (Chicago bootlegging) which he shares with David Lloyd George (L-PM-Britain, 1916-22), the same day but not the same year the latter being 36 years older. Trivial and useless information but none the less pleasing. No excitement here today apart from the production of a batch of melting moments for Rosie’s Burns coffee afternoon tomorrow. Ahh well, cannot live life in the fast lane every day. Liz and I went for a soggy run along the Loch at Furnace which gave Lucy the chance to stretch her legs and that is about it…Oh I tell a lie, how could I forget the parent forum meeting (the group formerly known as PTA) tonight? Scrub that about the fast lane, how much more excitement can a girl take?…..

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