Thursday, 31 January 2008

Birthday Highs and Lows

Penelope Cruz says “ In Spain we celebrate every birthday and enjoy the wisdom and experiences that age brings” Well, bully for the Spanish. It must be all that sun that makes them so positive. Over here we say “ We celebrate that with every passing year your eyesight fails in exact proportion to the increase of wrinkles and hence you do not notice them as much” What a merciful God we have indeed.
So I mulled yesterday as I celebrated yet another year of experience and numbed the pain of sooo much wisdom with some red wine and a couple of (very small, honest) glasses of cool,smooth Drambuie. The atmosphere in The George, Inveraray was a balm to the troubled aging (but oh so wise) spirit with the fairy lights still up across the entire ceiling and great food. With good friends (and of course the wine) the glooms were held well off with a sharp stick and even the stormy weather could not intrude. The storms continue spasmodically so no Adrenaline fix this week aka ski-ing…curses. Took Lewis no further than the indoor school on Monday where he pranced and twirled in the Dance of Dread (it deserves capitols) with the memory of a frankly vicious assault last Friday fresh in his diabolically divided horsy brain. The wall banner blew out in the wind and touched him on the ear. I can relate to the fear and sheer danger of it all (we make a fine partnership!). We tangoed together for a while and then I gracefully retired impressed by his strength of purpose in avoiding two very small but apparently deadly areas of the arena. He has all my admiration for determination,I know as well as he does that there could well be monsters there at any time past present or future.

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