Monday, 21 January 2008

Ski Monday

Today my incredulous readers we donned skis and intrepidly made our way to the top of the mountain and gracefully descended amazing all and sundry with our skill and poise….OR…the ski instructor met us at the ski school with the news that we are to ascend into the clouds for the top of the mountain and descend down a blue route (telling me as a comforting aside that the route he bought me down last week was a red). Suffice to say that I found just the tow up terrifying and totally embarrassed myself on the way down as only I know how….me scared…Never! At the top I was encouraged on my way with the news that for me especially the low cloud was good as I would not be able to see what was coming.
I tried a variety of ways to get down, side steps, falling straight and sliding on back, falling legs first and body sideways, inching down on my bum with my legs almost wrapped around the instructors legs (not too bad that one!), sliding on my bum with the instructor sliding on his too, walking with no skis, and on a few occasions even skiing…with skis on. Ahhh, well another psychological terror mountain to climb and conquer (and ski down) in the mind of Fee.

PS Garret did great, falling many times but with great poise and good humour, he even got praised on the last run down of the day.

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