Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wednesday night aches and pains.

Another Wednesday night run, this time no Garret who is working in Glasgow. To say that my legs are aching is to...lets think of a good one, ahh yes, is to say that the Earth is really quite big. Ow,ow and ow!!! A fast, or so it seemed clamber around some bogs, a loch and some rooty paths and the last mile round a small Lochan. The speed was set by Peter with legs about twice the length of mine and clearly the capability for more speed as he chatted to Bill and me over his shoulder most of the way. I managed quite well until the last mile and then floated along in their wake foccussing mainly on the pain in my legs.....homeward bound I received several messages from Toby about the Oban Games tomorrow and arrangements for getting there. In the parallel universe in which he dwells with the Potato men and pink fluffy clouds it was possible for me to be here cooking breakfasts for 6, and the girls and be driving him to Oban. The beds, as always would be made by a flash of my magic wand whilst the bathroom pixies clean the bathrooms and kitchen etc....actually I would like to live there too. So therefore, Garret will be going to Oban tomorrow.
Run total 9

PS Car we went to see AWFUL so sticking with the devil we know for now......

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