Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Back in the jogging harness

Ginny, that is not me. We had go at the Liz and Molly technique of running. When Liz hooks Molly up and runs it all seems to go very effortlessly,perfect person and canine harmony (except when M needs to address a call of nature). The start of our run was worthy of a Frank Spencer award to the ridiculous with Ginny failing to understand the concept of a lead coupled with a run, not only that a lead that goes from my middle rather than the right hand...hmmm already the problems are mounting. We will draw a discreet veil over the aforementioned calls of nature which drag the runner to very abrupt halt as your middle goes from a happily facing forward motion at a reasonable speed to a contorted twisting halt, there is also a fair amount of fancy foot work at this point. The reason for all this cuffuffle is that Ginny has finally come into season and in order to protect her from the (less than one in fact) lascivious male dogs lurking around every corner I thought that she should be encouraged to stay with me. We did mange to hobble along quite well eventually, I developed a good eye for the doggy opportunities/temptations until Lucy decided to get a (big) stick at which point all three of us took off very, very fast along a very, very puddly track. "Led by your stomach" took on a new meaning. Reminded by the sheer resistance presented to the otherwise perfectly streamlined me (?!) by my frankly disgustingly hairy legs I stopped off to bully my pal Jacs into coming for a leg waxing session. After this stop I decided to release Ginny and hence came home an awful lot slower without my doggy power house and with a very achy happens if I stop. Oh, I did do 20 minutes on the road bike before the run on a trainer (stationary) this really confuses and pees the dogs off! Run Route

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