Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Country Living

A day of beds, washing sheets and rodents....There was a brief moment when I thought that it had all been far too much for Snowy The Bunny, he is so brave and fiesty when out in the hutch/field but faced with a bowl of soapy water...well, putty comes to mind. His ears do appear very much to attention on that photo. Scruffy, the new kid on the block took it all in her stride but we failed to straighten her eternally electrocuted whiskers.
Last photo...The Grand and Proud Harvest. Rosie pods the third gathering of peas for tea...Wow, The Good Life Argyll style.

PS No running recently, been practicing in stationary bike mode in the shed with a trainer....of the metal variety. Quick run with Liz tonight though...very stiff

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