Saturday, 30 August 2008

Connect etc.

The multi coloured welly brigade have arrived in Inveraray with the usual capacity of the town being swelled by the Hydro Connect festival goers. Garret managed to wangle a free ticket, last night he went down and after an hour or so phoned home...a lone sober man in a sea of drinkers. However once he had stood next to Amy MacDonald's mum....her actual mum he cheered up a bit.Everyone seems very happy with it, and I am happy to be at home so all is well. We have a houseful of lovely happy festival goers so that is even better.

Run total 16miles....did a 3 mile or so with Liz on Friday, more of a wade through very wet ground but we did trog along as best we could. She is still on a high from her phenomenal 1hr58mins 1/2 marathon on Coll.

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