Sunday, 10 August 2008

Rainy run.

A quick run whilst the girls were at a nearby party. This is a road at the head of Loch Fyne that I have not been down since Toby was about 2. An Austrian friend lived there with her American husband who worked for the RSPB specialising in golden eagles. We used to walk along this road with our babies in back packs and Tess, in her much younger days running along enjoying the smells. Today was a bit faster than we would manage in those early motherhood days, helped in places by Ginny still confined on the dog jog lead. The first incident involved two bikers, sheltering from the slight precipitation that was belting down at the time who acted as a magnet to her and so I was dragged inexorably along to invade their personal and private cigggie smoking space. Then I really skimmed along when a deer popped out from a nearby copse. Luckily a fence halted progress and stopped my heels from spontaneously bursting into flames. Our quick out and back was rather faster than intended as we skidded round a corner to be confronted by a group of hairy and immovable highland cows with young in tow. They were very unimpressed by the silly border collie bouncing around on her toes and barking frantically. We conceded to their total right to occupy as much of the road as they wanted and went back to harass the bikers once again.
running 15.5 (ish)

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