Thursday, 21 August 2008

History, scenery and the inevitable animal picture...making the most of the last few days of freedom......

So, from the top....we had a wander round Auchindrain. This is an open air museum based around an old highland township which is facing closure this year through falling visiting numbers. There is inspiration there for Garret with the barn roof. Next one of our new incredibly friendly chickens. This one especially is doing great things for chicken/human relations. At a recent gathering of friends the 13-14yr old boys were found in the field cooing over said chicken and forgoing (temporarily) the draw of various electronic gadgets. That night Garret found her asleep by the gate, presumably waiting for them to come back. The last day of the holidays I dragged the three out for a spot of exercise and we completed the Leicann walk and boy, was it beautiful.

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