Sunday, 24 October 2010

The three "R"s Revelling, running and revision.....

Glorious day today with a very crisp start to greet us after a late night  tumbling selves and children into bed at about 2.30am after a great stomping ceilidh to celebrate a friends wedding. The drive to and from was long but very beautiful with a huge silvery moon looking down on all us busy humans. The feet are a tad sore today from barefoot dancing but as always following a Scottish shindig the head is clear as you just can't do alcohol and the spinny dancing thing...not without CONSEQUENCES. In fact I was well exercised yesterday as I tried to get back in the running mode by attempting a longer run, I got very "empty" round about 3.3 miles but as this was the furthest point from home there was not a lot I could do about it. This seems a common occurrence at present with the gas tank frequently being empty or the legs just too damn tired...grrrrr.Today sees some maths revision with a little biology as a side platter (Toby and me) and wee run in preparation for the Tin Farm 5 in a couple of weeks (Rosie) and general dossing about (Freya). I have managed to register some more books on the bookcrossing site between sin and cos head hurting stuff. Quite an interesting and addictive site to brows around take a look! if you are interested.

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