Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Drizzley, damp day

...but then it is October so what did I expect? The guests booked in last night and tonight turned out to re returnees, well she was and had bought her husband this time on route to the islands. The aforementioned inclement weather is a shame for them but they put a brave face on it and in return  I gave them a freebie ticket for Kilmartin House museum. They have been married 58 years and so deserved a wee treat! Post breakfast we (self and Garret not the guests) dashed off for a quick dental visit and a chat to the others in the surgery...topics for discussions "inappropriate presents to give your wife" (concrete mixer was mentioned) "6 missing ducks"...were they stolen by fox or man?? and the "unfairness of Garret's neglected but strong teeth and my cherished but decaying gnashers".
It gave me great pleasure to collect a small and almost perfectly formed pumpkin from the poly-tunnel this morning to use for soup...I know that they do not even sell them that tiny in the shops and if they did they would be about 30p but the pleasure is non-the-less strong! As is the quite undeserved pride in growing something useful successfully that we did not plant and  watched puzzled for several weeks as the mysterious fronds twined themselves around the tomatoes and indeed anything that stood still long enough and then finally produced the bulbous fruit which identified them.

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