Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Mega shopping and then running (for a change)

Well, when I say shopping Garret did most of the really boring stuff whilst iI mooched around buying some flat shoes (Oban Ball for dancing??), some muesli ingredients and bits and bobs for Toby's birthday...then I was tired so had a coffee....We met at Tescos (who says romance is dead?) and I joined Garret in another coffee to be polite. Then a trawl round the best supermarket in Oban as the school kids hit the cafe with demands for mega amounts of chips. Trying to persuade Garret not to spend 20 minutes deciding between vegetarian suet (30% less fat but do you sacrifice flavour?-discuss!) and the more traditional beef kind meant that we did the necessary in about twice the time not three times the time it would take me usually...however I did get a new skirt and jacket so not moaning too much, well, not too loudly anyway. Found a new place for a very late lunch made slightly amusing by my having to sneak off to the bank for funds as after paying for the parking metre with 5ps found in the car (each one gets you about 3 minutes as far as I could tell) we were 50p short on the bill. The soup was fabulous and the sandwiches....Chunky! Meandered back to the car in order to fully utilise the 31 minutes we had paid for and home. Fastest omelettes ever made and off to running club through the darkly lowering skies which liberally dumped the wet stuff onto us on and off during a run round Lochgilphead. A warm up run with sprints thrown in as a treat and then 3x400m (aprox) circuits increasing in speed each time. If you look closely at the map you can see how I cut the corners......then a nice steady run back and a damp drive home but THANK GOODNESS the heater in the car is working happy, so happy so happy!!

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