Friday, 1 October 2010

Country run out and about....

Triathlon Training over and now it is back to what I love best, out and about with Liz and the dogs. Poor Ginny and Lucy do not approve of bike training at all and got ultra excited today at the sight of running trainers, running belt and best of all leads. We splashed our way up into the hills above Minard and across sheep strewn moors to a small Loch in the middle of nowhere. Across the loch and a fast flowing deep set steam and up a clear fell or two we could just glimpse a forestry track that went...well...somewhere obviously. Thirty minutes and one more rain storm later we were on said track and only about 1/2 a mile away from a "which fork shall we take" decision. Luckily Liz's homing instinct and the need for lunch sooner rather than later came good and we were soon heading down into Minard after a wet, muddy,cold and thoroughly enjoyable 7.45 miles.

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