Friday, 29 October 2010

Carron Bothy

A rainy day and a host of birthday chores to compete and so just time for a quick run with Liz.That was the plan but three hours later and with a mission to find Carron Bothy completed and I am back cold, behind in my jobs,aching back, very wet but happy!! We set off from Auchindrain Museum, crossed the road and headed through a very wet field  and from there up the Leicann forest track...and "up" is the correct word to use. It heads up and over towards Loch Awe following roughly the old drovers route and for almost 5 miles was indeed up! We reached a / the peak and started down the other side with no sign of off shoots that looked likely. The rain was more than dripping down and we nearly turned round being 50 minutes into the run when we spotted the dogs standing near a likely turn off...a little closer and there was the distinctive but small white arrow sign. The track then was more adventurous with a choice of running surfaces from  fast flowing stream which had diverted itself onto the path for the quickest route downhill and quick sand into which my trainer disappeared at one point although my foot did not.The trees opened out and the dogs pretended to chase a fox which crossed our path. From that point on we could see the bothy chimney and we were spurred on. The building was such a pleasant surprise, literally in the middle of nowhere with emergency supplies and friendly advice and help notices. It is obviously well used with the last over nighters on October 2nd according to the visitors book.There are bothys like this all over the place free for the use of (usually relatively inaccessible!) and an understanding that one replaces what one uses and keeps it clean etc...a really great find and one that starts the cogs turning...who needs Portugal?! The run back was less inspiring as the rain really came down and the constant up of the outward journey seemed to have sprouted some ups for the way back too. The field at the end was especially challenging as the tussocks and wet grass threatened ankles made tired by the previous 12 plus miles.Just the birthday celebrations to complete where is that icing bag...?

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