Saturday, 7 March 2009

Then and now...or now and then...whatever!!

So, we take them skiing on a wet windy day and what do they snowmen! They did great at a spot of skiing too...we make hardy kids North or the border!

That is what we were doing today. Here is something different...what we were up to 17 years ago. Recently we unearthed the diaries that we kept when doing up the house to show to friends, re reading them bought back many forgotten details to mind about the struggle we had (in hindsight) to get the house together and working for us. Garret and his father Peter, a self employed plumber took a year out of (paid) work to re build Claonairigh and hence start a very different phase of our lives. This was pre children and I stayed in Yorkshire with my mother beavering away in my job as Sister on ICU at St James Hospital in Leeds. Communication between us was not frequent as mobiles were yet to be in common usage and the nearest pay phone was initially 4 miles away (we even wrote the odd letter...well, one of us did!). I asked Peter and Garret, or whoever was around to keep a record for me to read when I came up as shifts allowed. I thought that I would post the diary alongside our modern day comings and goings for anyone who is interested.Satisfyingly the days of the week are the same in 2009 as they were in 1992. The brackets show the author of that day’s entry if it was other then me. I have copied verbatim changing nothing, even if events subsequently altered the facts as we saw them i.e. the house history. Occasional notes given at the end of an entry to help understanding. I would love any feedback/comments!!

Saturday March 7th 1992
Raining-Clearer pm
First proper look at the house. First impressions;lots of rotten wood and enormous holes in the floors and ceilings.?? Found the cess pit!! Picniced on the stairs (Mum, peter, Russ, Gail, Garret and I)-very, very cold. Very wet underfoot but wonderful torrents crashing down over waterfall.

Supper at The George. Frosty, clear evening.
(Russ= Garret’s brother, Gail his then wife)

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graywings said...

Good idea, I look forward to reading it! The pictures of the interior will show the biggest contrasts, the outside walls have not changed so much.