Monday, 16 March 2009

Another rainy day...

The weekend seems to have spun past in a whirl of "shall we shan't we" be able to get the kids skiing (Saturday shan't, Sunday shall!). Saturday was clearly a no go with high winds and rain coming sideways even here so we went for a long walk instead....Sunday we raced up to Glencoe to get there slightly late for lessons. the three offspring did really well and Freya has now made it down Mugs Alley, whilst Rosie played most competently on the plateau unaided. A very satisfactory day. Wind stopped play mid afternoon but we were more than ready for hot chocolates by then so elated with all various successes we descended via a swaying chair lift to the cafe.No photos as Garret had charge of the phone/camera for the afternoon.....

The “Then” blog. For details see entry for March 7th 2009. In brief the restoration of Claonairigh House.
Monday March 16th 1992
Got a mortgage! May the Yorkshire Bank thrive forever and their profits increase thrice fold! We are able to borrow £30,000 at 4% over base rate until the house is habitable and therefore mortgagable.

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