Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A(nother) run in the snow

After a truly dire day of rain and hail with a bit of light relief thrown in occasionally by flurries of sleet I was sort of hoping that Liz might call off our carefully (children wise) choreographed and overdue run up Dun a Cuiche in preparation for the organised run in May. As we opened car doors at the parking space the first flakes of snow were whirling down and then kept on coming....when we got back an hour later the road was thick with fresh fall. We managed to keep going on the way up despite Liz realising half way up that memories from student days were patently dodgy as she is not sure she has ever run this before. I have been assuring everyone for years that she was the only woman to do it at the highland games that year. Now she thinks she ran round a field.....I managed to juggle several forms of mobile communication as I struggled my way up, one from Toby requesting permission to play in the snow once bedrooms were tidy (The term "tidy" is apparently negotiable as I discovered when I got home), he commented that I sounded rather breathless. The other was a text from Garret who knew of our plans simply saying "Ha Ha". The run down was not much quicker than the run up due to not being able to see the rocky path but we did it and here are the photos to prove it!!!

1.At least the driving rain has turned to snow....not so steep here.
2.Not much view at the top
3. and 4.We both made it!!
5.nearly back
6. I love the snow
7. Biiigggggg flakes
8. Pretty Castle
9. Oppps better stop taking photos, she is getting away from me
10. One more...That's where we went, ALL the way up there (and back too)

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