Sunday, 8 February 2009

We are now jogscotland leaders.....God help you all!!!

A very early start this am doing the full cooked breakfast business for John and Conrad, two of my favourite deer stalkers at 6.30 (Rayburn to stoke up means at least a 3/4hr prep)/ This meant that I approached todays jogscotland leaders course already a wee bitty tired but rallied and really enjoyed my day back in the classroom, not at Wetherby High as in my own student days but at Oban High.I must admit that I perked up during the outdoor session as being more my thing but fortified by lentil soup and sarnies managed to cope with brainstorming and planning sessions. It is great to get on as a group and contribute. Someone even recognised me from local runs and I saw a few faces that I could place to...usually it is the back view I recognise. Just need to pull in the confidence from somewhere to go it alone with a group in Inveraray......

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