Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Ski Bunnies again!

Back up to Glencoe for the first time this season. Visibility was umm, variable but the snow mainly nice and soft the way I like it. Garret however was craving ice like the true Scottish ski boy he is but had to content himself with making me eat his snow skids. The start of Mugs Alley had a nice scrappy, skiddy quality to it which I managed to survive each time I got there. The last down to the chair lift (Cliff) had changed significantly this year and was a challenge for me in my glasses and then goggles that nicely flattened out all those annoying little bumps and dips. I did manage to get down a few times without ignominiously dumping various parts of my anatomy into the (mercifully) soft snow. It is always satisfying to provide good entertainment for all the folk getting bored on the chair lift above. The snow flakes gently drifted down all day making goggles a necessity, and the views had been stolen but just as beautiful and peaceful anyway. Garret managed a trip or two down the higher slopes hitching a tour down with some others (including an instructor, how jammy is that!) when he realised that he could not quite remember the way down....The snow was apparently perfect up there but I decided to trust him on that when, after discovering that thighs do have an exploding point he joined me on the lower slopes. Home again to find a snowy garden, three snowy kids and two snow dogs.

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