Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Piggy Freedom!

The second escape in as many days and the future is suddenly not looking quite so good for the Three Little Pigs and Mrs Pig. Toby and Rosie were met yesterday on their way up the track home from the bus by a bold little pig trotting along on her way down to make her fortune....Rosie was dispatched to get the bucket to shake and foil her Fairy Tale dreams and hence discovered the other escapees standing in the food bin (or what was left of it) munching away. Today I was alerted by a humongous and angry squealing that one piglet had this time tunnelled out in solo bid for food and was attaching the poor decrepit pig nut bin again. Unable to bear the sight of this the others were going mad with jealously and successfully sniped on her. Fifteen frantic bucket shaking, bread roll trail making minutes later and the prisoner is now in with Mr Pig as his was the easiest field to get her into....He's a Happy Mr Pig, especially as we had to bribe him away from the gate by lobbing stale bread buns past him into the field. All very entertaining, especially as I was just back from a very sneezy, itchy (am allergic) riding session and so had on old faded pink dressing gown in preparation for a bath....stunning teamed with long riding boots, the first "appropriate" footwear that came to hand (to foot?).

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