Thursday, 26 February 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday

Well, it had to happen but the snow is rapidly receding with the last weeks mild weather. We made it up for an afternoon when skiing was limited to the main basin and around about with good snow but narrow in places which did make me scream. My runs slowly improved in style and decreased in squawking until I decided to call it a day and retreat to the bottom cafe for a delicious bowl of soup whilst Garret swooped down released from a weeping wife for a few more runs...indeed I think that he was last down (again). It was pretty hard on the legs as there was no warm up and not let up on the way down. I was definitely the least experience one up there so nothing new there then! Fingers crossed for a dump of snow this weekend........
Last night saw a different form of torture (sorry, exercise) as we had another time trial at jogscotland which involved staggered starts along the 6.5k tri route with Garret starting 13 minutes after the leader. It was HARD going as neither of us could see who we were chasing (in his case me!) for a good long while and then it took a long time to catch them up. however, fantastic result as all the group knocked time off in some case minutes from a month ago. the handicapping was very well done and meant that there was very little hanging around. Result....very tired legs today!

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