Thursday, 29 January 2009

The wonders of evolution...or some very scared birds.

Today we witnessed the birth of a whole new exciting facet of the Guinea Fowl character.Not something many people can claim I bet. They are in fact homing birds. A talent previously unsuspected and, now I come to think of it not that useful in a group of birds that appears to have forgotten how to fly. They were re housed a couple of weeks ago from the rabbits and guinea pigs run (it is quite big) into a hut in Mr Pigs field. They have spent the intervening time in a small bewildered huddle that moved as one around to peck at grain when the need arouse. Things got more confused for them today when Mr P apparently moved by their plight decided to release them by barging through their wire wall and incidental to the rescue of course, managed to help himself to their grain. We know that he is the guilty party as he has left a Mr P sized hole perfect for identification purposes. The fowl then hot footed (they don't do flying, remember?) it back to their old run which they circled plaintively calling in their inimitable way. It is not really possible to chase them in through the door, nor, as Ginny found out to herd them with the "run and bark" method. So a retreat was effected (in Ginny's case rapidly onto her bed with tail between legs) after tempting rabbit food had been scattered just inside the hut. They do love their rabbit food....and after 20 minutes of so ......Gotcha!

Okay, what else. no skiing today as planned due to fog, boo hoo and then the second attempt to get exercise also partially failed. I took a cycle down to The Loch Fyne Hotel to swim and hence justify our hugely expensive monthly ticket, we could buy a pool for cheaper.This ended in failure as now as well as shutting 2hrs earlier they also shut for lunch...for two hours. The ensuing mental rant saw me all the way home nicely.

More on the car saga:- Turns out the people mentioned yesterday had read all the blog in it's glorious car dissing detail and decided not to go for it. They went to get their deposit back which was duly returned. The manager then told them that they have found £1,200 worth of work needing to be done....we feel so JUSTIFIED in getting rid. I am just so glad that we found out and will not have to forever wonder. Somewhat belatedly I calculated that it has had £6,000 or thereabouts spent on it since last April, luckily not all by us (see last May!). So, anyone else clever enough to track us down...BUYER BEWARE!

PS I am now on Facebook and need to learn to not waste so much time nosing into other peoples lives and photos...sad.

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