Monday, 5 January 2009

No picture required......

On Sunday I grabbed hold tight of the New Years Resolutions and dragged them kicking, screaming and metaphorically trying to hold onto the kitchen door by their finger tips into the freezing cold hut to attempt to empty my Festive spare tyre into the (static) bike's tyres. The bike is well situated here as after 1/2hr of cycling you should no longer feel cold but be stripping off layer after layer. Head down and legs pounding to the strains of the Kaiser Chiefs (how could I resist? They come from Leeds) you have nothing else to do but peruse the discarded skis, lawn mower, electrical gizmo's and generally the tools of Garret's trade packed into the hut with you. The floor is littered with old leaves but at least at this time of year I do not have to remove the evidence of swallow inhabitation from the bike seat/handles etc. As the mind wanders so the legs slow down and once you start to think about what to make for tea or what tomorrow's jobs are the momentum can be seriously effected and the legs begin to slow inevitably down. Still, managed the 1/2hr and left resolutions still maintained and legs ever so slightly wobbly.

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