Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Blog bites back...

In the way of all the best feel good, 40 something movies the computer went “beep” at bedtime on Monday night. That is our equivalent of “you have got mail” but I guess that is not such a good name for a film. We are obviously used to getting e mails from strangers so open all that do not hit the junk mail box first or are offering to expand/shrink various body parts for an undisclosed fee. However this one was not B and B connected. Having placed a deposit on our old car (I just knew that we had not heard the last of it) this couple had got our name from the log and did the Google thing ending up with this blog. Guess what, they got a wee bit worried “We are pretty concerned after reading your blog!” when they read my last entry (don’t know if they read further back for The Early Adventures of Car and Fee....there are even photos). Anxious e-mails followed with Garret painting a true, honest picture (honest Guv). They seemed to be paying a fair price though. I am dying to hear if they went for it and really hope they have a happy time with it. Well, if I am honest not too good a time as that would make me really sick! So beware Big Brother, or Sister I think in this case is out there watching you. They covered their tracks well though as when I tried to return the Google compliment, and on Facebook there are far too many matches to eliminate. I am not so patient a detective obviously.

Anyway here is the new one rapidly taking on the unwashed look of the old one.

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