Sunday, 25 January 2009

Busy weekend.

Here is the News "The Corners have finally seen the light and off loaded the heap of junk formerly known as The Car replacing it with Another. This one is going to be perfect in every way, shape and form transporting the Corner family around for the next ten plus years at which time they will trade it in for little less than the purchase price. Later on that day air traffic control at Glasgow International Airport reported several incidences of porcine flight....ah well, it cannot be worse......can it?
Anyway back to Saturday. The girls competed in the Oban Athletics final and did themselves proud. A great event to watch, who says kids are obese and lazy.Not a one in sight here. The evening saw us at The Argyll Inveraray joining in our first Burns Night supper organised by The Inveraray Burns society. An enlightening evening all round, rubbish pictures I know but the best my phone could do and you get the gist.

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