Saturday, 10 January 2009

Why you need a friend to run with....

A short run before a swim turned into an 8 or so miler through the hills at the back of here. The weather was great, perfect in fact and we just kept on going doubling back as paths disappeared into bogs etc and taking a detour (photos) up to the Old Village. We both felt we needed the leg stretch and despite the aches and pains at the end (it is quite hilly...) it was all worth it. Having run Dun Na Cuiche on Thursday with Garret I feel well exercised this week. That one is a real grueller in the middle section and fast on the way down all 220m of it. For any runners out there we were rekkying for an organised run on May 30th as part of Inveraray's Bluebell festival, get in touch for more details...Kate, are you reading this?!

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