Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The weekly log of pain resumes

Running club is up and um.....running (sorry) for the Autumn term. We warmed up, we jogged a mile or so and then we raced a mile or so. This latter distance was hotly disputed at the end by those with enough breath to speak and it was decided that it was 1.2 miles at least. This was a time trial to be used at the middle and end of the eight weeks session. With hind sight (slogging along to the 1/2 way turn round point) it would have been better to run really slowly and then look good in October but hey ho.....Check out the times and no doubt the opinion will be that we did indeed do that very thing.4 minute miles they weren't. Plenty of room for improvement. Will publish later times as and when we do them but only if they are better...obviously.

Garret 7.53
Fee 8.48

PS Nice to see Howard and Myrna today for a cuppa...roll on the winter months.

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