Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Home Alone

Yippee….. A free blogging moment in a busy world. We are in a whirl of guests and holidays, books and films with the children deep in the world of Harry Potter. Freya has reached the last book and Toby the 6th. After an abortive attempt to see the film finally yesterday (got to Oban at midday to find the times changed this week, despite the film’s undoubted pulling power we declined to wait until 8.15pm and went to see The Simpsons movie instead. An okay way to spend 90 minutes, some funny one-liners but Harry Potter it was NOT.) So, I am home alone plugging away at household tasks whilst Garret has gone off to the osteopaths with children in tow, a promise of HP at the Clydebank Empire afterward hanging around their necks. Please note the lack of a tantrum on my behalf, I shall be very adult and wait for the DVD….they all owe me BIG time though!!
Just the dogs and me today then and maybe, just maybe some exercise, what a novelty that will be. Managed a 5-mile round run yesterday but spent the first couple of miles with the unnerving feeling that my feet had unaccountable become the size and relative weight of Florence’s from The Magic Roundabout (the 70s TV version not the sacrilegious, atrocious film released a few years ago), this was compounded on the hill by a total body lethargy that began mid calf and spread rapidly upwards like a sort of weary hot flush. The downhill bit at the end was great though. Have just realised that I am subconsciously prolonging this blog, writing about exercise instead of getting out there and doing it…Yeah…Go girl Go. A bit of spare time for a change lets gets those endorphins flowing, you know you want to, OR I could just go get lunch……..

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