Sunday, 26 August 2007

Five go off on An Adventure to Inveraray

So off the intrepid Five set on their bikes accompanied by their faithful hound Lucy…sorry Timmy. The sturdiest one of them took on her back a haversack packed with stout waterproofs and emergency rations (actually she forgot these but it sounds good) for the journey ahead (which made her back very sweaty but this cannot be mentioned because in Enid Blyton World there is no sweat, or bickering about who goes first for that matter). Timmy went mad with excitement as they headed off towards a new adventure…who knows what they might find? Smugglers? Criminals? Kidnappers? People who are a bit mean to dogs sometimes? It would be nice to report that they had lashings of ginger beer and freshly made home made sandwiches but two out of the five do not like ginger beer and the housekeeper neglected to make the sandwiches being a spendthrift wanton type of person that prefer to buy a picnic from Londis rather than drag it 4 miles on her sweaty back. Anyway enough of this ‘cos the plot kind of falls down when no one wants to be Julian or Dick.

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