Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Barriers to exercise parts one, two and three (and four)

1.Large lunch of left over home made rolls and coffee…time spent allowing them to slip down.
2.Funny programme on radio.
3.Infuriatingly ideal drying weather necessitating the almost constant filling of both washers, then subsequent emptying onto the washing lines (short things only on the one in the back field else the goats, Tabitha and Poppy might sample them as a little break from the more mundane forms of food that are available to them normally). The laundry basket seems to be under a Sorcerer’s Apprentice type spell as it just keeps refilling itself as soon as a load is removed from its capacious interior.
4.Lastly the discovery that the bike that I last rode before the little darlings were released full time onto the world (well, my world anyway) has been used as some kind of bird toilet. It is well splattered at the front where your hands lightly rest (well, grip frantically and sweatily in a manner destined to weld all fingers to the plastic covering in my case) and to add insult to injury my helmet that I left tidily on the handle bars so that I should not have to spend my usual ten angry minutes stomping round the hut shouting “Where the hell is my helmet, I know I left it here…someone must have moved it” has had the best bits i.e. those that are especially sticky and nicely adherent, reserved for the interior and, a nice touch here, the chin strap.
Right, I am definatly off now, so if you happen to be driving along the A83 between Bridge of Douglas and Furnace in the next hour or so (which I admit is fairly unlikely) and you see a labouring, wheezy figure (if further identification is needed there will be an accompanying cloud of dried bird poo drifting along in my wake) toiling up the hills and screaming down the other side, I am no better going down a hill on a bike than I am on a cantering horse (see " Back in The Saddle June 11th) do me a favour and give me a wide berth.

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