Sunday, 5 August 2007

Agonised Thoughts of an aspiring long (well, short actually) distance runner.

Ho Hum (or other such happy sounds) this is nice and the dog is enjoying herself…me too
Ummm Steep hill, ahh well it's good for me, maybe I'll do it at a sprint
And maybe not.....
Could do with some water
Ummm Another steep hill
ipod starting to crackle in one ear
I will have deserved a large Gin and Tonic when I get home
Ahhhh, down hill
Gulp, up again (nice view) Feel sick, forget GnT, just need water
Too hot, Too hot, Too hot
More down hill
Feel really sick now, and a bit lonely on the hills as Lucy potters off into the wild, chases a few deer, sniffs around abit safe in the knowledge that when she returns from these forays I will have progressed about 3 feet.
ipod annoying me a lot now
Why do my knees wobble like that, and why do I do this to myself?
At least the dog is still having fun
Rip ipod from crackling ear; try to find better running music…got Lily Allen…much better..
Long break whilst no tranmittable thoughts pass between my ears except Lily Allen lyrics.
Yippee I can see home at the bottom of the hill
Too fast, Too fast, Too fast! (Not good on down hills, remember?)
Oppps, nearly cannon into small sports car turning at our gate in my haste to achieve the last few hundred yards at a kind of gallopy bouncing type gait.
This last bit set to music...even in my head!

I feel good, I knew that I would....yeahhhh.

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