Saturday, 27 January 2007

"Trec..Working for every horse and rider"..... ( Hmmmmm

Today Woman and horse were in some disarray when confronted with the rules of Trec (a kind of equine orienteering with additional random tortures thrown in), excellently presented by Dilla at Argyll Adventure. What sort of madman/woman (the fairer sex can be just as evil) invented a sport that involves the participant cantering under a fearsome framework of scaffolding albeit expertly constructed encouragingly called “The branches”?! These branches are set at a mere 20” higher than your horse so imagine the position that must be adopted to avoid what I would imagine to be a fairly neat decapitation. Obviously most of the younger participants, and actually almost everyone else, now I come to reflect on it, managed this at a very elegant and controlled canter again and again whilst Lewis and I crawled under at a WALK with cries of “keep your bottom down” echoing around the ring as that particular appendage (mine not his) threatened to bring the whole thing down. The children did very well although Toby was a bit white faced after Barra showed his deep disapproval of the whole thing when expected to step up a concrete shelf like step and then down again. Mind you, so was Howard, Barra’s winter owner after he took Barra round for a second time, this was quite plainly a liberty. This is all practice for the real thing in a month or so. All I can say is that Lewis and I were in total harmony in our fear of the whole thing! Will post pictures when Toby has downloaded them. Normal family life resumed this afternoon, Freya has a friend for a sleepover, who has alarmingly had stomach ache and felt sick two or three times but did not wish to go home… a sleepover hostesses nightmare. No glass of wine for me tonight then, especially as Garret is on duty.

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