Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Happy Birthday to me......

I was planning to make some fantastic link between the fact that on the day I was born Winston Churchill was being laid to rest with an awe inspiring, ceremonial State Funeral with full military honours (the criteria for being honoured in this way I am not quite sure of i.e. what level of PM gets the said honour…something to mull on, Tony Blair?!)…This is an event that my mother has reminded me of frequently..In those days it was as important as missing the Christmas episode of Emmerdale /Coronation Street/ Eastenders all rolled into one (A more innocent time to be sure) but whilst he was being escorted with due and solemn honour down the Mall she was squealing like a pig in an anonymous Nursing Home in Harrogate, North Yorkshire (her words not mine). She has never quite forgotten that it is MY fault that she missed the TV event of the year. However, on browsing the Internet as one does I noticed that today in 1983 the wonderfully named Hilbert Von Thumb became European Skating Champion, which I much prefer, you would kill to have a surname like that and he was surely born to greatness. Oh, and another moment of note, when I was celebrating my 18th birthday poor Joan Valerie, actress (who? I hear you cry, well she was in “Pier 13” so we are all non the wiser), was dying of pneumonia. Enough of this, I had a lovely day with breakfast, presents and cards from the kids before school and then a ride out with Howard and Myrna (through typical Jan 30th weather of drizzle and wind) and then a meal with the best of friends tonight. The planned Indian take away was not available due to the Indian inexplicably deciding to have a night off, ditto the Chinese so we had Pizza, and very good it was too. God bless to friends and family without whom a birthday would not be complete and as it says in one of my cards (you know who you are!) “The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age” In conclusion I see nothing to lie about…being 21 (again) is wonderful!
N.B The author of the above takes no responsibility for any grammatical/spelling mistakes but refers the reader to Messers Ernest and Julio Gallo etc.
Oops just noticed that I managed to miss my birthday by several minutes so all that happened yesterday!

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