Wednesday, 17 January 2007

First post!

Here we are, the first post and nerves abound! Many thanks John, for getting me as far as this, no mean feat considering our Luddite like refusal to change anything on the computer that we feel we know so well it is part of the family. I am nice and cosy inside watching the first proper snow of the year outside (Actually it is sleet now but when I was trying to compose this in my head earlier it was briefly snowing and snow sounds more romantic). Went riding this morning along the side of Loch Fyne on Lewis, our winter loan horse. Despite the laden skies, which subsequently dumped huge quantities of icy rain on us, it was very beautiful, all grey hills and grey shiny water. I managed to take Lewis a wee bit beyond his comfort zone (i.e. away from his normal treks), cantering along the forest track alone was the best! Garret is away to Ardfern working and kids are at school so peace for now. Now that Christmas is past I have to contemplate the list of jobs for the new season of B&B but not today…….

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