Tuesday, 23 January 2007

A day off

A riding day again, yippee! Left behind were the care worn worries of self employed B&Ber and mother as Lewis and I trotted off into the Kenmore woods together. The picture is of Freya with Lewis as none of the ones with me and my equine boy pass my rigorous standards for public viewing. We ended our ride with a paddle in Loch Fyne, which nearly turned into an impromptu swim for Lewis as I tried to get to the smooth sandy bit beyond the seaweed covered and hence slippery rocks. I did realise just as the water began to tug at my boots and so we turned to a shallower part, it is not really the ideal way to clean the saddle. Lewis bears my flights of fancy with remarkable stoicism; standing in the water looking out at the white-topped hills above Strachur was excellent! The return to the land of Motherdom came soon enough as I trundled off to collect Rosie from Kurling club (sliding “stones ” on ice whilst aiming for a target for the un-initiated, the ice being substituted by the school hall floor with wheels added to the stones for that essential slide) and visited Inveraray’s excellent fish van to get mackerel for tea!

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