Thursday, 4 April 2013

50x5 challenge

Freya and I are on day five of the 50x5 challenge together, it is so nice to do it alongside her and we are getting a few good cycles in whilst the weather is still so good. We have been along the main road to the Dubh Loch at the head of Loch Fyne but by far the best was driving the twenty minutes to Loch Awe yesterday, parking and cycling along the glorious Loch Awe. The weather was perfect and traffic very sparse. we are more or less equal at cycling, when my knees and neck hold up and so it is a pleasure to tootle along together. we are of the same opinion regarding frequent stops to take photos and have a drink.We did a leisurely seven miles before turing and retracing our steps to collect Toby from work. Todays 5k will be on our own  two feet at jogscotland....

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