Sunday, 24 March 2013

A wee hill run

Two guests this morning breakfasted with log fire blazing and porridge to keep the cool spring weather at bay. They departed Fort William bound through the hills of Glencoe and I scooted off to a rather more local hill to do some hill training with two friends. The annual Inveraray trail run is not far away, and I organise it so this was the first foray for my ski embattled knee and I think that I and it did very well...there was some walking and some talking and some heavy breathing but there was some running too! The run in in May, on the 12th and is a short sharp run with a 236m climb along a four mile route. It must be said though that this hill only covers 1.5 miles...3 up and down so it is pretty steep going but the views...well, the views are great so judge for yourselves! It is above Inveraray Castle and the walk up is available and free all year round!

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