Monday, 11 March 2013

Mother's Day

A little visitor for mothers day on the seed bags...

After we had seen this chap we headed off to Glasgow to roust the son and heir out of his lair and spent a couple of hours watching the blood, gore and decapitations galore that was Hansel and Gretel. Much enjoyed by all which is saying something, not easy to accommodate the many different film tastes that exists for the five of us although Freya did watch the worst of the horror through splayed fingers. A trip down memory lane with lunch/tea in TGI Friday's where we bored our offspring with our last trip there (Toby in a highchair...). Rosie was so pleased with herself getting a Les Mis soundtrack CD which was lovely, chocolates from Toby and wee viola plants from Freya. Lucky Mummy! And we bought Toby home with us for a couple of days.

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