Tuesday, 30 April 2013

On dry land and all at sea.

Bed and breakfast land is starting to pick up again now with five folk staying last night, the day is gorgeous so no problem drying the sheets today. All guests were french, and all lovely, well, we don't get any other kind of guest. They chatted and laughed together over breakfast as if old friends. Running and cycling continues apace with the 5x50 challenge ( run, walk, cycle, row etc 5k/ day for 50 days). Freya and I braved the still ( always?) chill water of Loch Fyne clad in wet suits and every accessory we could to try to keep the cold at bay. A shame there isn't a full face mask too....the cold whisks your breath from you leaving you gasping and shocked which isn't conducive to swimming smoothly or, in our case at all. A little ungainly doggy paddle was managed over a huge distance...say...20 yards or so? In fairness we had done a 10k cycle too to take up the slack. Incubated eggs have hatched and ducklings emerged to the big world squeaking and surprisingly robust. Chicken eggs replaced them in the heater and so hopefully chicks should follow too.

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