Sunday, 21 April 2013

Barefoot running, buzzards and beautiful Argyll

The first guests are coming drifting back to the beauty of Argyll which brings a big cheer from us. Not only that but Ray who was here on Friday night took these fantastic photos. The bird is a buzzard wheeling around about 200m from the house and the others...well, I am sure that they don't need too much introduction. Weekend of sporty things with a wee run up Dun na Cuiche for me on Saturday, this was only an 8k or so run but an elevation of 236m in between 2-6k which is fun! The view however is stupendous especially when enjoyed with my pals. On the way back we had a little barefoot run around the shinty pitch....well, why not?! Today was the Crinan Puffer race which five of our local running group entered and all ran amazingly. I was a marshal person today due to my ( healing....yes!!) torn knee ligaments and despite feeling a deep green envy did enjoy shouting and encouraging them along. The elite runners passed me by aloof and un-aknowledging of my whooo hoos and clapping hands but the later runners increasingly responded and smiled back! There is a ratio here...lets call it the  elite/smiley principal which means that the speed of runner is inversely proportional to the amount of smiley-ness when approaching the end of a race. I love the running community! Toby was seventh over all which predictably he was not so pleased with but he did beat all his old result!!

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