Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Quote of the week....this time from Rosie

"Mum! Mum!...the tablecloth has shrunk...no wait, I had it on the wrong way round!"

This just tickled me in a way that some comments happily can. Things are quietening down now but still some hardy guests struggle through the gale force winds and spectacular gales with which we have been entertained recently, thus the table setting duties for Rosie whilst I scurried around trying to get ready to go to Minard to pick up a recently playing basket ball playing Toby to ferry him to work. The weather has calmed somewhat now but the hail midday was chill and violet...wonderful to live in a place where the weather is so exciting...and never ever predictable. Skipped out of Boot camp last night as the children's outside club (see above for reasons why)and my legs were too tired (see previous post for reasons why) for a hearty beep test. Will be back next week I am sure. Very unlike me to duck out but sometimes one has to do what one's body is telling/shouting/screaming at you....However running club tonight in Inveraray, luckily when you lead a group you can also dictate the pace/speed.

PS picture posted later..this was on the way to Inveraray tonight. The calm mentioned above was merely a temporary halt as at 6.40 the wind was raging, the rain was torrential and the hail was just gearing up....however by 6.50pm the world was calm enough to take this photo and we had not one drop of rain during our allotted hour of fun and running!

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