Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Pigs and guests (never ever to be confused!).

Two more piglets have arrive peaceably and with no fuss a night or so ago. The two mothers seem to have settles down to a share and share about feeding regime with the piglets going to whoever is most available. The weather has fined up again after a couple of very windy showery days and so we have left them where they are for now being unwilling to intervene unless necessary. The nights are darkening now and I reckon Inveraray running club had its last long run out last night...back to town training and lovely sprints! It was pleasant running last night although a sharp shower at the end reminded us how lucky we had been the rest of the time. Another good B and B night last nights with family favourites Maggie and Vladimir blowing in and blowing out after their usual over night stay on the way back from Skye. they are a delight, as I have said before there are many people out there who can enrich your life and they are two of them. Deerstalker John and his wife June also left this morning more lovely folk.

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