Sunday, 28 March 2010

Where'd the weekend go!!

The weekends seem to be spinning past at an increasing speed as time goes by despite my best calming intentions! Friday’s excitement was Rosie’s, much to her surprise winning the girls 5k at school for sports relief. Such a surprise that she did not realise until her name was called out in the assembly afterward...Toby had the usual battle for fourth place but is getting closer. Saturday started early as we were down to the High school for Freya’s trumpet solo, nerves rendered her virtually senseless but she played “Beauty and The Beast” well....beautifully. I had not heard it with accompaniment and it was such a lovely piece, however there were lots of other lovely ones and so she was very pleased with a special mention. Pressure off she and her two cohorts went on to get first in the trumpet trio in the afternoon. Happy girls!
Garret and I headed off to Oban on Saturday night to see Frankie Bolye Live for as birthday treat for him (Garret not FB). Well, it was still just his birthday when the man took the stage after an incomprehensible Compare. There was apparently only one designated driver in the audience (me) and so the appreciation was raucous and happy. We travelled through a time vortex to get back here (start of British Summertime) at 2am and a dreamless kip for a few hours...a very few as the Easter Bunny run beckoned. A good run with good natured participants willing to show up on an (initially) drizzly day. Disaster only beckoned once as the tent very nearly took off and things proceeded to order. The afternoon has passed in an agony of results compiling (wrongly three times...) and photo posting. Enjoy!
I do actually deserve a G and T now but I happen to know that I have lots of T and no G.....

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