Sunday, 7 March 2010

It is Sunday so it must be skiing....

An early start this morning as Toby, the man on a mission arrived in our bedroom complete with bowl of porridge and cuppa tea and a time limit of 8 minutes to get it down our necks. Dogs were walked, animals fed, Rayburn sorted and girls marshalled into breakfast detail. We were in the car a little shell shocked at 8.30 heading northwards. In order that Toby could go over some maths problems with Garret I took the rear seat next to Freya and annoyed her all the way with games designed to keep my mind off being sick. The precipitation in the car park did diminish the spirits primarily but Toby' s force of will carried us through and onto the access chair lift before we knew it. Rain turned to snow before the top.The snow was soft and very skiable ( an opinion shared by all the others that showed up too to take advantage of the ace conditions) although varying visibilty meant one moment the mountain was unveiled before you and the next swished away behind a grey curtain. We managed though and had lots of friends up there today too with the guys from Dalchenna up for Rhias birthday treat. We even managed to drag Rosie along Mug's Alley more than once although Freyas suggestion of the bottom
of the Bunny run met with disapproval and an instant falling over. Toby and Garret span around and about the hill, sometimes with Freya and I and sometimes with teenage friends! This was ultimatley and literally Tobys downfall as he took massive tumble whilst skiing with Shannon. Thoroughly winded and a bit bashed around he was forced to call it a day at 3.30. Previous to that he and Freya fell off the wall tow just to upset me as I then had to follow Garret down the wall to them... Happy Valley was great and F and I even managed to get with the speed and go for it! Despite the fall ( remains to be seen if T will compete in the basketball Comp on Tuesday... An expert in timing... My boy!) a great day all round... Arrived home 20 minutes before our very nice guest who had been pre warned of snowy plans). Bed beckons...zzzzzzzzzzx

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