Saturday, 6 March 2010

Down Memory Lane

This week my brother has been cataloguing slides left by my father. A huge job as he left 3-600 films which equates to 5-10,000 pictures. some of these are filtering along to us daily by e mail and I love them. It is fantastic to re awaken old buried memories in this way...must be a time of lie thing.
My Christening some time in father is to the very left with my Great Uncle Reg next to him,Liz Alison and Nigel are there with my godmothers (the glamorous lady at the back of the armchair with her husband behind her) daughter on the chair (this chair appears in an astonishing number of photos). Holding me is my beloved Godmother who took her responsibilities to heart and became my very own special person, Aunty Edith. Her husband who is the clergyman made a dedication to my Father, then deceased at my Wedding. My mother is to his left and my godfather Philip to his right.

I am the baby here, this tricycle, already aged went on and on and I remember riding it to the shops.

We always took a photo on Easter day with the eggs...something I still do.

My Parents' lovely Rose Garden.

My Favourite! The magic roundabout gang...I am Rosalie, Alison Florence and Nigel a rather reluctant Mr McGregor...that beard hung around for years!!

My First Christmas..I still have the teddy in front of the tree.

Being held by my Grandmothers Father Ernest Petheram...born 1883 I think.

My mother and Father in the Dales...this was probably taken when on a visit to Nigel at School in Skipton.

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