Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mothers Day special

Mothers day so what shall we do as a big treat?? Get up early (not as early as we would have needed had Toby not done the animals and walked the dogs and made the porridge...what a boy!) and head amid drizzle and rising winds north to Glencoe where things were...not much different. After a fair amount of dithering in the car park we went for it and spent an windy and wet few minutes laughing on the outside but secretly wondering on the inside on the access chair...but... what a great day! The snow was slowish and grippy so after a couple of runs we swung back to the plateau,grabbed Rosie and swept her up to the Main basin before she knew what had hit her! She did great and was far more controlled than me in every way. She has the knack of looking as though she is going slowly but you just can't catch her up! She was smiling at the bottom and through the next couple of runs. Freya did the Haggis Trap and survived but the old aching legs from the run yeasterday caught up with me by 3pm and so we headed down to the Plateau for a couple more goes and then down leaving the dynamic duo for a few more death defying runs alone.

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