Tuesday, 8 September 2009

When the cat is away the mouse will......

not sleep very well and panic over imaginary escapee pigs..
Garret has gone on a little holiday, he has been working hard and as a reward has two whole days and a night away with Freya...Oh, and 18 of her classmates. He volunteered in a weak moment to accompany the top two classes on an outward bound course. His kind offer was snatched up in the flash of an eye and off he went clutching packed lunch and over night bag leaving us here to fend for ourselves.
Toby, Liz and I cycled round the triathlon circuit after school, well we cycled our legs off and he free wheeled most of the way in front of us. This, combined with athletics club meant that we got back here at just after 9pm. The rest of the evening was spent setting breakfasts and then putting the animals to bed. It was fairly dark by this stage and so the girl pigs were jolly pleased to see me trudging out with my head torch on and yellow bucket in hand. No problems there, three happy pigs with a midnight snack...then off to Mr P and the goats. It strikes me that I have not written about Mr P for a while....he is slowly getting larger and with impending fatherhood (turns out he DID know what he is doing...)remains laid-back and chilled. He has however taken to re landscaping the field with the result that last night I fell almost head first into a hole that was almost definitely not there in the morning. Major earth moving is clearly on the autumn agenda. I did however discover that a handful of soggy Golden Nuggets scattered around makes him a very happy pig indeed. After that I chased around one goose that preferred to soften a bread roll stolen from the pigs in the muddiest part of the field to going into the run like a good goose. Putting the guinea fowl away when they do not want to was relatively easy after that! Roll on an hour or so as sleep was becking, the scene is set and slumber is just creeping up the covers when a gentle noise breaks through and alerts me. It sounded like a pig softly snorting (they do not really oink) whilst strolling along the back of the house. Then follows 1/2 an hour of "did I or didn't I shut Mr Pigs gate when I fed them...I have never left it open before, of course I did, or did I?? Big sigh.... off past the bemused dogs to check and yes of course I had, no pigs doing a midnight flit and then an hour or so to get back to sleep......Stress or what eh!!

The “Then” blog. For details see entry for March 7th 2009. In brief the restoration of Claonairigh House.
Monday September 7th
Early morn very windy. Rained drab, no midges
Fitted lintels above the library and bathroom windows, pointed round lounge door casing partly unloaded Harcross wagon and carried timbers and lintels into the house with the help of Davy Campbell. Patched roof above bathrooms as a temp measure.
Tuesday 8th
Rain showers, no midges
Rang Hydro up to chase getting power on, maybe this week? Telecom connected us up. We are now on the phone (Inveraray 2160 (04992160) NB NOW CHANGED TO 01499302160. Tidied rubble away, bought pack of breeze blocks in, finished building wall in kitchen and finished pointing around lounge doorway.

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